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I've shifted gears and have started a new space to write about the things I am passionate about over at www.theologyofpie.com

Some of the things you have likely enjoyed about Tibault and Toad with still make an appearance there, but the focus will be on faith and family, and the place those things are born and grow: the home. You can read more about the transition here. I hope you'll join me over there!

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the birth of Ephraim Burton

In the still dark hours of Monday morning, on August the 17th, I woke to contractions that were bothering me enough to keep me awake. Braxton Hicks being my constant companion for most of my pregnancy, I tried to ignore them until they proved to be otherwise. When it became clear that they were coming at predictable 20 minute intervals, I went downstairs to the kitchen to eat some peanut butter and honey on toast (I was starving! our bodies are so smart) and texted the midwife to give her a heads up. I returned to bed to attempt to doze for the next several hours until the sun started to creep in the windows, and when the kids started to stir in their beds things mellowed out. 

I took care of the kids for several hours in the morning before things started back up again, and we made and ate lunch together and set up the birth tub before putting the kids down for their nap at one. While the kids napped, family and birth attendants arrived and started quietly trickling in. 

The tub was finally filled and warm, so I got in and relaxed in there for a while, mostly blowing bubbles in the water, until I looked up at Alan and told him to tell my family (who were in the living room with the kids) it was time to come upstairs. The doorway filled, and a handful of pushes later the midwife unlooped the cord from around his neck and handed him to me so that I could lift him out of the water. 

Ephraim Burton (named in memory of Alan's late Papa Burton) was born at 2:48 pm, 7 lbs. 7 oz. and 20 inches long. My sweet Ephy! We love him so!

(Thank you to Alan's sister-in-law Kate for being there and for the beautiful pictures!)

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