Tibault & Toad


(A view of the apple tree from the kitchen window)

Just like that, one week we were "in the peaches" and then they were gone. A sad day (though we're still munching through the gallon bag of frozen peach quarters in the freezer - Indy especially, who regularly asks for a "frozen peachy"), but fortunately the peaches bid their farewell just as the apples were tipping their hat hello.

They're knobby and a little bug-bitten, especially on the lower branches, but they taste really good. We have no idea about the variety - they're small and round with a balance of sweet and tart. Not as crisp as a Macintosh and not as sweet as a Red Delicious. Any apple experts out there?

Of course we have lots of plans (apple pie, hard cider), and plenty of apples (in fact we've already lost two branches to the weight!) but we'll see what we have time for. We'll still go apple picking this year - it's tradition, it's nice to get some other varieties of apples, and THERE ARE DONUTS (!!!), but it's still fun to have another edible thing back there to harvest and munch on.

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