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Posts from August 2014

garden goodness

I have a ton of pictures to sort through and edit from the vacation to Door County that we took with my family a couple of weeks ago, but in the meantime I'm here with garden-related things. Do you see the squirrel in the first photo? That's my corn he's got in his mouth there. Ugh. Can someone buy me a BB gun for my birthday? I also planted sunflowers all along the fence but those two are the only ones that survived the squirrels' wrath. 

Alan seems to think that mid-August means that we can start talking about fall, but I try my best to strictly forbid such things until at least September for goodness sake. I mean, just now is the garden in full swing with bowls full of ripe things being carried inside regularly. We're eating peanut butter and homemade raspberry jam sandwiches, plucking and drying chamomile as it comes in, and enjoying homegrown carrots, tomatoes, jalapenos and cucumbers in all kinds of things. These are the days I'll dream of all winter long, I'm sure of it. 

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maternity shoot

A few weeks ago was my sister's baby shower, and afterwards we did a little maternity photo shoot for fun! So there she is, looking pretty ethereal and just about ready to have a baby (she just recently passed 37 weeks, so any time now!) I'm so excited to be with her and take some photos for her then as well. Doesn't being a mother already suit her well?

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