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Jane's Vintage Pixie Cap

Linking up with Ginny for Yarn Along today! I can't help but knit this pixie hat for every baby in my life. Indy and Tenny each have (had) one (Tenny's may be lost since I haven't been able to find it for several months - he has quite the penchant for removing his hat in the grocery store and waving it precariously around). It's just such a quick and easy knit, since it is knit flat and then seamed along the back, and of course it's so darn cute. I knit the 3-6 month size for my niece Jane, who is just coming up on three months, and it fits well with a little room to grow. Of course I didn't check my gauge so I have no idea if the size is really true, but I'd say it seems to be.

I was able to use up some stash wool for this - Stonehedge Fiber Mill's Shepherd's Wool for the body of the hat, and Spud and Chloe's sweater yarn for the contrasting trim and tie. This hat actually calls for a button neckband, but since I have found that to stretch out on the hats I've previously knit, I replaced it with a simple i-cord for tying this time around - no button scrounging required. Raveled here.

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in my kitchen

It appears like all we make is desserts and baked goods, but apparently thats just what I always take a picture of. Of course I make dinner most nights, but chicken wings and mexican casserole just aren't that pretty! (Would you like me to take a picture of my chicken wings next time? I might upon request. . .) 

1. Maple vanilla einkorn scones  - no cranberries because I didn't have any (my first time making scones, and it was schockingly easy - so delicious and less dense than the commercial scones I've had)

2. Raspberry curd pavlova - I had a quart bag of raspberries in the deep freezer from our backyard bushes this summer, and I was saving them for something truly special: this was it. I've eyed pavlova's around the internet and had been waiting for a good excuse to make one. My sister's birthday seemed like the perfect occasion. If you've never had a pavlova before, it's basically a giant meringue that gets crispy and crackly on the outside and stays soft and marshmallowy on the inside. Piled high with raspberry curd, whipped cream and fresh raspberries. Oh goodness. 

3. Dutch apple pancake - I caught a stomach bug from Tenny and then was recovering for several days afterwards. When I'm out of commision, Alan always seems to click into Betty Crocker mode. He made this dutch pancake two mornings in a row and it was so good. He used einkorn flour and I appreciate that dutch pancakes are egg heavy compared to traditional pancakes (pack in that protein!)

4 - 7. Homemade playdough - no food coloring, but a dash of vanilla to make it smell good. The kids love this.

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