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baby cardigan

I started this one on vacation, put it down for a while, and then picked it up again a couple of weeks ago. Its the "Birdy Cardigan" from Vintage Knits for Modern Babies (minus the birdy motif), knit in Louisa Harding Lanthe, a cotton/extra fine merino wool blend, in the color raffia.

As I was finishing up the second sleeve and preparing to piece everything together and add the neckband I glanced down at my dwindling last ball of yarn and had the sinking feeling that I was going to run out. I checked the yarn label and the pattern and realized that while I had gotten the grams right, I had overlooked the yardage necessary and would most likely run out. I really didn't want to order another whole ball of yarn just to make three more rows! So I went ahead and made the neckband about half the thickness that it was supposed to be. This meant I didn't have room for the last buttonhole/button, so I just left it off. Who buttons the last button anyways, right? Not me.

I've loved all of the patterns in this book so far, but this one was just alright. I preferred the top-down raglan that I knit for Indy a few months ago. I'm not very good at piecing things together yet, so that's probably why. The mattress stitch on the sides was easy enough, but I was unsure of how to do that stitch along the increases under the arms (notice the waviness?), and of how to pick up stitches along the angled front of the neckline. I do like the look of the seed stitch edges, though.

It should be just the right size to fit Tenny in the fall/winter.

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