Tibault & Toad

birthday girl

Three years ago today, our firstborn made her way into the world in her own way, foreshadowing her personality by surprising us all and stubbornly insisting on being a girl (and not a boy, as the ultrasound tech had told us). And I was overjoyed and shocked and a little bit completely overwhelmed at the new life which I was responsible for. And she has taught us how to be parents, and tolerated our fumbling, and frustrated and delighted and continued to surprise us. And she will not stop changing her clothes, or singing, or loving on her brother, or making us laugh. Mostly I'm her mother and protector, but sometimes she throws her arms around my neck or holds my head in her lap and tells me she'll take care of me and I believe her. She's my daughter, but she's also my friend, and we grow and explore and learn together, and I love her. Happy Birthday Scoopy! 

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