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eats and feats: 12 months


We're doing pretty great over here. I sometimes stress over trying to make her eat solids (I think I feel the pressure of a society which is heavy-handed on the solids, and tends towards early weaning at around a year), but we're at about 75% breastmilk, 25% solid food, which is actually right on track

New "likes" for this month include: 

  • blackberries (see above photo. Alan said it looked  like she was eating dirt. Prophetic? didn't eat dirt growing up, but my sister was pretty fond of sand)
  • edamame
  • scrambled eggs with parmesan cheese
  • pickles (this has actually been a longtime favorite, I don't know how I forgot about it)
  • raisins
  • most any kind of soup
  • carrot applesauce (below)
  • bread (how come babies love carbs so much! I swear she would only eat things like crackers if I let her)
  • tortilla chips
  • cucumber
  • fish (especially salmon)
  • chicken
  • winter squash/sweet potatoes
  • rice cakes
  • ethnic foods are still up there, too

We also recently gave her untensils, since she's been eyeing ours and I've noticed her playing with spoons by dipping them in bowls and bringing them to her mouth. She actually really surprised me with her dexterity with spoons and forks! And it seems to be encouraging her to eat more, because she enjoys the process.


  • she's graduated from just blowing kisses to giving full on kisses to everyone and everything (stuffed animals are also fair game)
  • books! She has a new obsession with books and is constantly bringing them to us to read to her over and over again (I think I have Hop On Pop memorized), and her attention span has grown enough that she'll listen to the whole book before grabbing it away and going for a new one
  • caps - she loves putting lids and caps on their different homes. She is a very focused and detail-oriented baby and tends to quietly zone in on one thing (often one thing she shouldn't be playing with) rather than running all over the place
  • says "mama"! Yay!!!!
  • can push to a stand off of the floor and stand indefinitely
  • she has taken up to 4 steps in a row
  • loves brushing her hair
  • can safely slide off the couch and bed by herself
  • has 5 going on 6 teeth!
  • loves rocking on her rocking horse (though she needs help up and her feet don't exactly touch, haha)


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