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eats and feats: 13 months

It's that time! I'm not sure how much longer I'll keep eats and feats going, as each month becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of her total life thus far, but I'll keep it up for at least a little while longer. (Also, look at her cute, wispy bath hairs!)

Since Indy turned one, there have been two major happenings which have been subtly changing the way I feed her. The first is her anemia, which I wrote about here, and the second was reading Real Food for Mother and Baby, and our thought processes related to how we want to feed our whole little family, which I wrote about here. When we started Indy on solids, I had already done a decent amount of research, and our baby feeding philosophies were on the right track, but fell a little short. We knew enough to skip the rice cereal and limit grains, but we still fell into the cheerio trap (This article and this article do a good job of explaining why its a good idea to delay the introduction of grains) . For future babies, I plan to hold off on grains for longer, and limit them more. At this point, grains will play a (hopefully) minimal part in Indy's diet. I also knew a little bit about a baby's need for healthy fats, but I underestimated the need, and was misinformed about what fats are actually healthy. I thought that what she really needed was fruits and vegetables for a long time, but along with those healthy plant foods and fats like avocado and olive oil, she needs the fats and vitamins from foods like fish and egg yolks, and grassfed butter, liver, and meat. I held off on introducing meat, and I strongly suspect that that decision contributed to her anemia. 

Eats (forgive me if I repeat anything):

  • coconut water
  • pork
  • cooked spinach
  • almonds
  • bacon
  • blood oranges
  • chicken liver
  • liverwurst
  • indian food
  • dark chocolate (and I mean dark, 85% cacao)
  • la croix (she loves the bubbles!)
  • banana yoghurt
  • ice cream
  • lox
  • cream cheese

Pickiness has reared its ugly head. We're trying to just ride it out, chill and offer a variety of foods and not coerce (it's so hard! I feel like I constantly find myself trying to force her to eat! ugh). But I'll grow, she'll grow, we'll both grow. 


  • In case you missed the video, Indy is officially a walking girl. She has progressed so much since then, and more everyday! She walks everywhere, our little Frankenstein's monster! Painfully cute!
  • Her hugs are now acompanied by pats on the back.
  • She likes to rearrange our diningroom chairs, as well as all the couch pillows.
  • She's obsessed with flushing the toilet (thank goodness we don't pay for our water here).
  • She clearly understands more and more words and commands (like "hand hat," a game uncle Joel has been playing with her for a long time, which involves him putting his hand on her head and declaring. . .well. . ."hand hat." Now, if someone speaks the name of the game, she puts her own hand on her head).
  • High fives!
  • Mad dance skills.
  • She can remove her diaper cover. Thankfully, I think she is a long way off from figuring out the snappi, but she's still squishing her wet prefold butt around on my carpet.
  • The other day I found my silicone cupcake liners in the bathub. That is a toddler feat, my friends. Next step is finding things in the toilet. 

She's rather enchanted by the faucet. First she touches it. . .

And then. . .

Open mouth kiss.


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