Tibault & Toad


We like to remember important dates, and July 9, 2009 is an especially fun one to look back on: it was the golden summer of our dating, and that was the night of our engagement. So last night we decided to make the drive out to Big Rock, to the clearing in the woods on our friends property where we had a picnic at dusk and first made our plans to spend the rest of our lives together official.

Last night, just like that night four years ago, was full of fireflies. Play spot the firefly?

Four years ago. . .

And last night. . .

Plus two!

Afterwards, we scooted over to Hinckley to grab some cones at Dairy Joy to finish off the night. . .

We hope to make it a new tradition, and a way for our kids to participate and appreciate our relationship (plus bribing them with twist cones afterwards probably won't hurt).

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