Tibault & Toad

flea market finds (and the return of spiders)

On Saturday we made our way out to the Kane County flea market. If you live in the area and you haven't been, well, seriously, go. We picked up the vintage high chair for only 20 bucks, and the needlework and vintage fabric were a great find as well. I have dress plans for the fabric, but I have to decide on a pattern first.

Last expected frost date has, believe it or not, already passed (was Tuesday!) I'm still hardening off my plants, at least for the rest of the week, and hope to put them in the ground this weekend. Truly, I cannot believe it.

Made this week: rosemary olive oil crackers, using Amanda's recipe, made with einkorn flour and topped with Celtic sea salt, fresh cracked pepper, and toasted sesame seeds. We had picked up some goat cheese rolled in apricots at the grocery store, but were unable to find approve-able crackers, so we made some instead. My first time making crackers, and seriously it was one of the easier baked goods I have made.

Lastly, latte (he)art by my lovely hubby. Love you too mister :) Being that it is something like 80 degrees right now, I can hardly look at that picture, though, and am seriously dreaming of swimming in giant vats of milky iced coffee. Don't mistake this for me complaining about the heat, I love it. Just ask Alan: if I had it my way, we'd forgo the AC altogether and install a cattle trough swimming pool in the backyard instead. The only thing I don't like about the heat? Spiders. Every spider in my whole house has sensed the return of warm weather and, this very day, has crawled out from those deepest, darkest of secret lairs where they have been languishing all winter, formulating, in their dirty, evil little minds, their twisted and sordid plans of overunning the planet. I'm pretty sure that's all true.

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