Tibault & Toad

four years

I only wish I could remember what we were laughing about those 4 years ago. We didn't take a ton of photos together that day because the weather was frigid (when we got into our car after the ceremony it was 39 degrees! And of course today it will be 75. . .), but these are some of my favorites. I think they capture a little of the essence of our relationship then, and even now: delight and lightheartedness, not naivety or flippancy, no, just joy and sense of adventure and a spirit of "yes!" Yes, let's love each other! Yes, let's get married! Yes, let's have babies! It continues to be a sustaining spirit in our relationship which drives out doubt, fear and hesitancy. Everyday we try to say "yes!" to God and his plan for us and yes to each other. Yes, Alan, I love you, yes I want you, yes I will embrace our family and this adventure. Life doesn't live itself and relationships aren't self-sustaining. It will only be today once, and there a a limited number of "todays," so why wait? You'll never find the perfect person or the perfect timing to do anything in life, so our "I do's" that day were a commitment to say "yes" to as much good as the Lord will give us. Don't eschew His blessings! So far we have 4 years of yeses which have have offered us our escape during conflict, our direction during uncertainty, and has rewarded us with 2 beautiful children and countless hours of joy just being together. Here's to many more of both of those things! Cheers to a spirit of "yes!"

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