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garden time

Finally, the garden tab is gettin' a little love! This year us four, er five, Millers decided to veggie garden it up in Joel and Kate's backyard (a real vegetable garden will be awesome, and I'm going to stick to flowers and herbs in the pots on my porch). I'm nervous and excited about the project (there is a LOT to know about gardening!), and have already learned so much. We've been using this book as our guide, it's very thorough and full of great information. On the author's recommendation, we're doing deep, wide, raised beds. It's been the perfect week to do all of this work, too. The area needed a lot of prep work. The previous owner had covered it with black landscaping tarp and mulch, which all needed to be torn up, and the boys even dug out two big tree stumps with an axe and shovel (very impressive). And now it looks like this! Now all we need is some short fencing, straw for the walking paths, and seeds (which are in the mail and should be here soon). We decided to sort of go big or go home, and picked a decent variety of vegetables so we could gain some broader experience (I'll list the veggies in a post when the seeds come). Wish us luck!


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