Tibault & Toad

garden update

We finally pulled up our carrots. They were just about to flower, so it was time. They were beautiful, but small. Anyone have the secret to growing bigger carrots?

Now for a short baby interlude. . .

Tiny buns!

We wrapped up the carrots in tinfoil with butter and honey and tossed them on the grill. Butter and honey is my favorite way to roast carrots (usually in the oven).

Other than the basil that we've been pruning (time to make pesto soon!), the other thing we brought in was the broccoli raab, but the hot weather has made it flower faster than we can pick it, so its all been too bitter to really eat. Has anybody grown regular broccoli and had the same issue (I'm wondering what to plant next year, since I'll probably skip the raab)?

Everything else is growing and looking great. There are plenty of tiny green tomatoes and peppers we're waiting on to ripen (oh tomatoes, the reliable little fellows), and we need to get the kale and brussle sprouts in soon (anyone know if I can just direct seed the brussel sprouts?)

What's your garden growing these days?


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