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garden update

All the work you put into a garden all summer long really pays off come August. All those slow-growing plants have finally reached full maturity, and there's something to bring in almost every day. We even got an early pumpkin (inappropriately early pumpkin pie anyone?)

The purple tomatoes are beautiful, and they taste delicious (unfortunately the squirrels think so too).


Our solution to that has been to snag them just a day or two early and ripen them on the windowsill, since apparently these are very pretentious squirrels who only go for the perfectly ripe ones.

Just a couple of cucumber vines are providing us with quite a few cucumbers.

I just quarter those and throw them into the fridge to quick pickle - a mixture of red wine vinegar and water (half and half), a little salt, mustard seeds, and some dried dill. 

Yellow pear tomatoes.

Loads of of jalapenos (I think some fermented hot sauce is in our future).

And basil, so of course we made pesto.

As for the rest of the garden, the corn seemed stunted and never really reached higher than about 3 feet and then the squirrels ate it (probably the same squirrels), and the beans gave us a few beans, but we didn't get great germination on those so we only had a few plants. We put in the kale and brussel sprouts for fall, and might try for some fall spinach too. 

How's your garden growing?


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