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get real

Lest anyone ever think we have it all together over here at the Miller household (or think we think that), please behold my kitchen after a busy toddler had her way with it over Easter weekend.  Often we will have the house spotless by 11 p.m. on a given evening, and by the same time the next night it could look like this. How. . . does that happen? And to be fair, my house looks like the above photo much, much more often than it looks like this

And in this prevailing spirit of honesty, I might as well admit that, among other things. . .

  • On most days I wouldn't be able to tell you the last time Indy had a bath
  • We eat out a lot more, and eat much more junk than I would like
  • I spend way too much time on my computer, and not enough time reading and writing
  • Indy sometimes wears the same shirt for like four days straight (or sometimes she wears no clothes for like four days straight)
  • I'm much more prone to have a short temper and be harsh in my behavior towards Indy than I'd like to admit
  • I hardly ever wash our sheets (ew)
  • I often obsess over small things (like how spindly my seedlings are right now, please don't die)
  • There are dust bunnies the size of actual bunnies under our bed
  • I don't pray as much as I want or need to
  • I never clean the bathroom (Alan does it! Bless his heart!)

I think it's cathartic to acknowledge our weaknesses outright sometimes. It's like doing so turns them into stones that we can use to build a step to stand upon to climb past them (although I make no promises about the dust bunnies). Plus it just feels good to see someone else's kitchen looks like that sometimes too, doesn't it?


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