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happy birthday to me!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! It was quiet (as birthdays as an adult tend to be), but thanks to my so dear husband, also very filled with love. He always spoils me on my birthday. We didn't really take any pictures, nor do I feel like it right now, and it's my belated birthday, so I can do what I want to. Instead, I'll give you the rundown via links. 

First, for breakfast, I had this from here. Which just so happens to be pretty much directly underneath our apartment, so Alan got it before I even woke up and I got to eat it at my own kitchen table, in my jammies. That breakfast was also accompanied by a vanilla latte. . . and a red velvet cupcake. No guilt. None.

Second, I opened my wonderful gifts, which included this and this wardrobe additions, one, two, three, four, five long desired books, and the promise of Harry and David pears which are in transit. Have you had those pears yet? If not, you have not tasted a pear.

Third, and this one does have a picture because it was way cute, Indy fell asleep in her bumbo chair while listening to me sing Feliz Navidad in the shower (come on Indy. . . it wasn't that bad). 

Alan paparazzi'ed her a little bit.

Later on in the evening we had a delightful dinner here, and then the rest of my family came over to eat delicious cupcakes my sister baked and laugh at the cousins as they played together, and Joel and Kate showered me with even more treasurable gifts (thank you, thank you).

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, I feel so very blessed and celebrated!


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