Tibault & Toad

indy's room

After almost two years of living out of our room, with her clothes stacked in milk crates in our closet, her toys in the corner of the living room, and her body completing a perfect letter "H" with us in our bed every night, Indy finally has her own room. She has more dresser space than she can fill, a bed stacked full of her stuffed animals, and all her books and toys in a room she is free to trash (and which she will. . . everyday. . . I'm sure. . .) And we have free space in our closet (and in our bed), and finally have an official diapering station set up, with an actual place to change her, and a real diaper pail. 

Roy is glad for the company, too!

It's ridiculously nice to have all of the cloth diaper supplies stacked and organized, instead of jumbled in a laundry basket. The dresser was graciously passed along to us from Alan's parents, making Indy the third generation Miller to use this dresser (it being the boyhood dresser of both Alan and his dad). The blanket was thrifted (its serving in place of a changing pad, since I couldn't find a non-toxic changing pad for under $100!), and the butterflies belonged to my uncle and watercolour sailboat was done by my grandfather.

I slept on that same bedframe as a child (though it's since been painted blue), and mama-made decor is all over in this space.

Most importantly of all, Indy loves it, and spends a lot of her time on her bed kissing all of her stuffed animals, and tearing her books out of her nightstand. 

The craft closet had to be relocated, and we found a great antique cupboard that now houses art supplies in the diningroom (I'll give you a peek of that soon!)


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