Tibault & Toad


Have you forgotten all about us? We're still alive, we were just tumbling with the fall leaves for a while. I had a bunch of pictures from carving pumpkins that I was planning on sharing, but I just never got around to it, and now that Thanksgiving has already passed (happy Thanksgiving, by the way) and we've whipped out the Christmas music, it would be holiday blasphemy, right? Well okay just one. . .

Very fitting, seeing as Indy's favorite book is Goodnight Moon, though you wouldn't know considering how many pages she's ripped out of it. . . anyways, back to more seasonally appropriate things. . .

Winter is approaching! The season for wool longies (if lanolized, great as cloth diaper covers, but also adorable pants). I think I've linked to this pattern before for woolies, it really is my favorite. The "new soaker pattern" fits just right, and I like to use the sweater sleeves for the legs and just adjust the length based on the season. I always make the main body of the woolies double layer to make them super leak proof, and I make sure all seams are hidden between layers or on the outside, otherwise I find them to be bulky and prone to felting which makes them scratchy and very uncomfortable for The Bug. Also, I find a little elastic in the waistband to be a must.

This is the reaction when I say "Indy, Indy, show me your butt!". . .so there are no great pictures of the adorable nordic print. I think I paid about $4 for this merino wool sweater at the thrift store.

Have you seen her crazy hairs? Its been called a mullet, which is not inaccurate, but I refuse to cut it.


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