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no whey!

(Also: how to turn regular yoghurt into Greek yoghurt).

I love Greek yoghurt. Like oh my goodness yum. It's so thick and creamy. But I feel pretty silly buying Greek yoghurt at the store when we have access to raw milk yoghurt from grass-fed cows through the farm club we buy from. That yoghurt is a much more fluid yoghurt, but its easily thickened by doing a simple strain.

I simply placed a strainer in a large bowl, lined with a clean cloth napkin, filled it with yoghurt, and placed it in the fridge, covered with a plate, for several hours. The longer it strains, the thicker it becomes. Then I put it back in its mason jar and gave it a good stir. I like it with raw honey, cinnamon, and vanilla!

And that leftover liquid in the bowl? Beautiful raw whey, which we can use for lactofermentation (that post is coming soon!) If you decide to strain your yoghurt, don't waste that whey! It's useful and nutritious, so bottle it up and store it in your refrigerator. 


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