Tibault & Toad


Today Indigo Lily turned one year old! We weren't too keen on the idea of full-blown cake for her little tummy, so this morning we had a quiet breakfast with homemade pancakes and maple syrup. Her first mentionable experience with sweets, and she thought they were pretty darn good.

Ah, Indy, I could totally believe I just had you last month. How has a year passed? A little over a year ago you and I were more like this. . .

And then there was 22 hours of this. . .

(I pretty sorely regret that I don't have more pregnancy/labour pictures. At the time I thought I wouldn't want any. . .)

And then there you were! 

(For more pics of that day you can check out Kate's blog here.)

We were expecting a boy (thanks to TWO erroneous ultrasound techs), but you were most definitely a girl, our little surprise, and after a year with you we can't imagine you being anyone other than yourself! We love you Indy Bug!


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