Tibault & Toad

out like a lamb, right?

Oh March, she's such a cruel mistress, taking me in with her promises of spring and leading me on with her daylight savings and dripping eaves. And then dumping four inches of snow in my backyard. Tsk tsk. I think winter and summer are colluding to elbow spring out of the mix entirely. Fortunately most of that snow has melted in the past few days, but during the depths of the spring snowstorm I started my pepper seeds, and yesterday I put the tomatoes in too. The earthy smell of the seed starting medium is like an antipyretic to my cabin fever. You go a little crazy all cooped up inside, microwaving your tea all day without actually drinking it until you finally just pour it over ice the next day, making sure newly-sitting baby noggins ain't hitting the floor, and trying to decide if baby clothes are so small that they don't really need to be folded, exactly.

Today promises 54 degrees, and if it delivers I hope to get outside and seed poppies and spinach. Its hard to imagine it will be green so soon, but out like a lamb right?

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