Tibault & Toad

porch garden


This summer I had my first garden. Nothing fancy, just some flowers, veg (tomatoes, bell peppers and jalapenos), and herbs (mint and basil). All in all I'd say it was a raving success, though my poppies and johnny jumpups died, and I battled some sickly basil and cracking tomatoes before I figured out the whole fertilizing thing, haha. But witnessing the ruby red ripening of a tomato and coming in with hands that smelled of fresh, earthy mint was so rewarding, not to mention the splash of green that it added to the concrete jungle that is our backyard. With the nights getting colder and the fall frost becoming imminent I'm sure I'll be saying goodbye to my little garden soon. Luckily, Alan went out the other morning before Indy and I woke up and captured some beautiful shots for me to remember it by. I'm sure I'll sneak a couple of peeks at these in the dead of winter.




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