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{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Today I'm joining in for {pretty, funny, happy, real} - "capturing the context of contentment in everyday life" over at Like Mother, Like Daughter (one of my favorite blogs to read).

Pretty: Craspedia - after the cut flower bouquets disappeared from the farmers' market, I was thrilled to find this little arrangement at the new Mariano's grocery store that just opened. Good, long lasting flowers, and so sunny and yellow as everything is just starting to get a little dreary.

Happy: Indigo and Alan built a table fort the other day. Alan and I were both reminiscing of when we first moved into our second apartment during a sweltering week and had only one air conditioning unit. I was pregnant with Indy at the time, and nauseous, so we ended up building a fort over this same table (it being in the same room as the air conditioning unit) and put an air mattress and cushions under there to sleep. Such good memories, only 8 months married, expecting our first child, whispering in the dark under a blanket fort in our new apartment.

Funny: Tennyson is getting more and more mobile (he's five months now, can you believe it?), and multiple times a day we find him like this. Alan and I joke that he's working on a multi-step escape plan but he's only gotten as far as figuring out step one: get out of chair.

Real: Indigo woke up with a fever on Tuesday morning and is still a little under the weather. Snotty nose, sleepy, cranky. We're loading her up on fermented cod liver oil and fresh squeezed OJ.

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