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I picked up this lovely Perendale wool at the thrift store the other day. It has the most wonderful variations in color, and one of my most favorite shades of deep sea green.

It came in a hank instead of a skein, which I had never worked with before, but I found a great tip online about using two chairs back-to-back to hold the hank open and straight while you roll your yarn into a ball. . .

I wanted to make something quick and small for Indy, since there wasn't a whole lot of yarn there, and if I ran out I wouldn't really be able to get more. Also, it wasn't the softest wool so it needed to be something that could be layered and wouldn't be snug against her neck or anything.

(also, I think I may have seen this suggestion on Pinterest or some such thing: colanders make great yarn holders - thread your yarn through a hole in the colander)

I decided on some little leg warmers, but I couldn't really find a pattern that a) I liked and b) used the right size needles (can you believe I only have one size of needles right now?! I desperately need to add to my knitting supply stash) and I didn't feel like figuring out the gauge. So I just sort of winged it.

Size 8 straight needles and a worsted weight wool (you can also use smaller needles for the ribbing if you want it to be tighter).

Cast on 42 stitches.

Work in 4 by 4 rib with 3 stockinette on each end for 8 rows.

Work in stockinette stitch until entire project measures 7.5 inches.

Then work in 4 by 4 rib with 3 stockinette on each end for 8 rows.

Bind off loosely.

Optional: you can work a crochet chain stitch into your cast on row so that it matches your bind off edge.

Seam edges together with mattress stitch.

Cute little warm legs!

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