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(a random assortment of recent thoughts and happenings. . .)

The farmers' market is still going strong. August and September are peak season for a lot of produce around here, and we usually bring home some berries and other fruit, along with our customary cut flowers and a lemon shakeup (of course!)

This yellow watermelon was ridiculously good - like, how I remember watermelon being when I was a kid. I'm convinced those new emasculated watermelons (you know, the seedless ones?) which happen to be the only watermelons you can find in stores these days, just don't taste as good as a regular ole melon. Plus, what about seed spitting contests?

Brown sugar and blueberry pancakes. Do you still make pancakes from a mix? Stop. It will take you the same amount of time to make them from scratch, they will taste better, save you money, and you can more easily customize (e.g. we always use unhybridized Einkorn flour). I used this recipe, substituted brown sugar, and added fresh blueberries. You can also substitute real buttermilk and soak the batter overnight for easier digestibility. 

Our yard. There is this awesome long flower bed along the driveway that isn't totally filled in. I hope to gradually add a bunch of cottage-y perennials over time. Our first step was digging up the bush and getting a few flowers in the ground.

Much better, right? Those plants should really fill out when they come back next year. I'm excited.

Indy, looking a little punchy. Other than her bangs, she's never had a haircut. I was letting her bangs grow out for several months, but she was constantly pushing them out of her face. Alan and I debated for a while about whether to let them keep growing or to just cut them, and ultimately decided she might look less like a little punk with a cute fringe.

The next morning, post trim and bath. Sipping her herbal tea (I'm serious!)

Much better, methinks.

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