Tibault & Toad


I hope y'all went sledding over the weekend like you promised ;)

The snow was so deep and wonderful, and the weather was just right - not too cold. We (Indy, me, Alan, Uncle Joel and Papa) waded through the snow to a little hill behind Nana and Papa's house while Tenny stayed back with Nana in the warm house. Indy is fearless and she absolutely loves it. The hill had a little ditch at the end, too, that made for a nice bit of a stomach drop.  It is just as fun as an adult as it was as a kid, I promise you, though I'm much less prepared as an adult in the sledding-worthy apparel department: I was jealous of Indy's snow-coveralls.  After we had our frosty fill and our fingers were starting to get a little numb, we headed back to the house and Alan's mom had hot chocolate ready for us. There's hardly a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon, if you ask me.

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