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sun bonnet

That is my snot-nosed kid. Who gets a cold in the middle of the summer? Well apparently all three of us. Nevertheless, the sun is still ablazin' outside, and Indy Bug was in need of a hat. Modern kid clothing wasn't really offering me anything I liked, so I made her a sun bonnet instead. 

I used vintage and reclaimed materials and just sort of winged it for the pattern.

It turned out well, maybe a tad bit roomy, so if you fancy it, it can be yours right here (and I'll be adding a few more soon). I haven't used etsy in a really long time, and I'm relaunching it in a small way. I curated a shop on etsy for a decent while before starting the blog and it always went well, but I'm sort of a jack (jane? jill?) of all trades type, and I couldn't settle on one direction in which to take it. Blogging suits me better; it can include a variety of my interests and projects, and can more easily grow and change with me, without me feeling bored or tied down. I'm relaunching etsy as an extension of the blog, a spillover, a way to give the community aspect of blogging a tangible expression. I want readers to be able to connect with us, to cross paths with us by buying something that has a story that they truly know. And it's motivation for me to spend more timing making, too. So here and there I'll hopefully be posting about projects, and setting aside a thing or two to share with you all.

Alan thinks she's looking a little bit more like me (everyone has always thought she looked just like him).

Climbing onto the table, one of her new favorite things to do. After a while, she got a little bit sick of my messing with the bow and taking her picture and the result was something like this. . .

Poor baby.


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