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life according to instagram

1. My seed catalogues are here and I'm scrambling to plan the garden beds: "Who is friends with what? Who needs more sun? How many kinds of tomatoes is too many?!!" (High Mowing)

2. Aren't they cute? Thank you God, it's by no skill of mine that these two are such great pals. What a blessing.

3. I couldn't resist another shot of this beautiful Quince yarn. I started on Indy's cardigan - a fingering weight yarn with lots of stranded colorwork based on just a chart with very few instructions - I can't help but think, am I in over my head on this one?

4. My first woven wrap - a Little Frog. I'm still figuring it out, but Tenny obviously seems to like it.

5. Buddy! You can't see, but he just got his first two teeth on the bottom. Adorable. Probably one of my favorite smile-stages: the hamster. Also, he is now 8 months old and speed-scoots around the house (it's going too fast!!)

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Have a great weekend, and folks from snowy places - go sledding!

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a just okay hat

This was my first project for Alan. It was fun, I learned several things, but I don't particularly like it. The pattern is great (the Turn a Square hat), but I picked the wrong yarn for the project (Spud and Chloe sweater yarn) - a wool and cotton blend which just doesn't have as much "squish" as I guess I prefer for hat knitting, so the hat, especially the brim, just stretches way out and doesn't  spring back, and which also pretty severely messed up my gauge (no I didn't swatch. . . pshhh. . .) so the hat is rather too big. Perfect yarn for a sweater, as it keeps its structure and prevents sag, but not so great for hats. And probably not as warm as pure wool, either. I also realized halfway through knitting that it was supposed to be 2x3 stripes, not 2x2, which I think I would have preferred, as it would have looked less "Dr. Seuss". Alan swears he likes it, and wears it every time he shovels our driveway, but I might have to make something I like better for him. Either way, it was my first time doing a tubular cast on and knitting stripes, and I really liked the jogless stripe method (the tubular cast on, meh, I could take it or leave it). Every project is a chance to learn something new, whether I like the final project or not - I really feel that way - and so it was still a worthwhile knit. 

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