Tibault & Toad

the lodge 2014

Fate was on our side in Petoskey this year; despite it being cold and rainy for most of the summer, we had a glorious week of multiple sunny days in the 70's! And in the last week of September! We spent cool mornings and evenings by the fire, I read 3 books (!!! - practically as many books as I've read in the last several years), ate good food in every local town, watched the sun set by the shore of Lake Michigan, and spent more than one day on the lake. We visited a local winery and a family-run maple syrup bush, and launched Chinese lanterns off the dock. Indy and Tenny had such a good time, and I love seeing Indy's wonder and joy at so many of the same things that enchanted me as a child at the lodge. (see last year's trips here and here.)

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