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things that grow

My neighbor Carol is quite the flower gardener. Really, she puts me to shame. She must be 70 or so but she's out there almost everyday planting new things and certainly fending off weeds from my yard. I've had several of her flowers seed into my yard under the apple tree: columbine, feverfew, and some purple thing which I don't recognize. She grows the feverfew as an ornamental, but it's actually a useful herb with some anti-inflammatory action, especially useful for preventing migraines. It might not be useful to me, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to dry some and have it around, just in case. 

Also growing in my yard: Indian Strawberries, which were always growing in my yard while growing up, and which are apparently also medicinal. And whatever the contents of this weeks installment of "things Indy finds in the yard and puts in a jar." Looks like more Indian Strawberry, white clover and a dandelion?

Oh and these guys. Do kids grow faster in the summer, like hair and plants and everything else? I think so.

Also, 10 points if you can spot my maiden name lurking somewhere in these photos.

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