Tibault & Toad


Yesterday was my 25th birthday. I feel. . .old (everyone over the age of 30 has permission to slap me.) I'll admit I have some anxiety about growing older (even as a 20-something!) because I'm nervous I will run out of time to accomplish some of my dreams while I'm still young. It's a feeling that sort of ties into this post from the other week; it's easy to envision some future time when I'll be living just the way I think my heart was hard-wired to, and that can make me feel like every year that ticks by is a waste of precious time. But that's not really true. The journey there is of equal importance, and all of the things I learn on my way are necessary and important. Plus, these are still the days I will look back on fondly some day. And those guys up above are just so darn cute, at least I've got a couple babies under my belt! How could I not be grateful that they're here to celebrate my birthday with me?

Alan (and the rest of the family) showered me with wonderful gifts, including a massage from our dear friend Mary, during which Alan baked a double layer yellow einkorn cake with key lime frosting. Um. Yum. It helped keep the quarter life crisis feelings to a minimum ;)

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