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violet time

(If you follow me on instagram you probably recognize that top photo!) How can violets be considered a weed? I guess that lawns aren't technically supposed to be 35% wild violets, but it sure does make for a pretty sea of white and purple in the springtime. (And did you know they're an edible flower?) I can still remember stopping at one particular yard in my neighborhood to pick violets for my mother while walking home from elementary school. Hmm. That was only yesterday, right? 

Made this week: vanilla lemonade (yes lemonade again, I'm obsessed, remember?). I generally start at a 1:1:6 (citrus juice:sweetener:water) ratio and adjust as necessary, which usually means less sweetener. This time a half teaspoon or so of vanilla paste was the addition of choice. Dreamy.

And strawberry ice cream (a Pioneer Woman recipe). 

Tenny and I also made a very productive Hobby Lobby run to get supplies for a couple of different projects (Tenny was a huge help: I spent a lot of time squeezing things into that tiny cart next to Tenny's car seat, and he did his due diligence by kicking them all onto the floor for me), and what do you know the drawer knobs were half off (ya know, like they are every other week or something) and I'd been meaning to swap out the long pulls on the bathroom vanity to make it a little less "clean line modern" and a little more "eclectic vintage." I landed on these blue and white china ones. I forgot to take a "before" picture until I had already started putting on the new knobs, but I think you can still see the difference. Little detail changes like this always make me happy. (Also, excuse Tenny's head. "What, is a picture being taken? Ooh ok let me make sure my head is in it.")

Happy first of May! Enjoy the violets while you can :)

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