Tibault & Toad

belated fourth

This year we just spent a quiet evening at home on the Fourth. We had a fire in the driveway and grilled brats and played with morning glory sparklers and ate a delicious grain-free fruit tart that my sister made. It didn't really feel like the Fourth, but it was still a nice and relaxing evening. We didn't go to see any fireworks that night, but we did catch the Glendale Heights fireworks this past Sunday, squeaking in basically just in time after a whirlwind one night trip to Minneapolis for a wedding. Whew! Screaming baby and grumpy toddler for 6 hours in a car two days in a row?! Not again anytime soon, please! Some crazy big fireworks were a fitting way to end that whole thing though, very cathartic, ha!

I hope y'all had a a great Fourth!

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