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eats and feats: 11 months

Hello! We still exist (in case you were getting worried). It seems cliche to say the holidays are busy, but sometimes cliches are true, so: "the holidays are busy." We always promise ourselves we will gift shop early. Not only does that not happen, but we also want to find the perfect gift for everyone, and so it takes a lot of brainstorming, etc., not to mention the things that need to be made. Anyways, expect posts to be pretty scarce until the holiday are over. In the meantime, let this tide you over: Indy is almost 11 months which means it's time for an Eats and Feats post! Yipee!


Many of her favorite foods are the same as last month, and since then she has tried and liked:

  • cauliflower
  • blueberries
  • avocado
  • oranges
  • pears
  • cooked mushrooms
  • cooked spinach
  • the occasional sliver of cheese
  • grapes
  • pineapple
  • melon
  • asparagus and spinach pancakes (I'll post a link to this recipe soon, because these are awesome)

She will often refuse a food and love it the next time you offer it, and vice versa, but two foods so far with multiple strikes against them are:

  • frozen raspberries (too tart, I think)
  • unsweetened yoghurt (ditto)

We'll keep offering anything she seems to dislike (since tastes change), but in the meantime, I think we'll be getting this face:

(Also, we seem to have a baby with mustaches theme going. . .)


No walking over here yet. We keep reminding her that she'll be one in a month, but Indy's in no hurry. She always seems to be satisfied with whatever mode of locomotion she currently employs and doesn't understand the point of endeavouring to find new ones.  Nevertheless, she is ever growing and progressing, and new feats include:

  • standing for a few seconds on her own 
  • cruising on furniture and walking with a couple of helping hands
  • blowing kisses (disciminatingly)
  • signing "milk" when she wants it
  • fake laughing when everyone else is laughing
  • sharing her food
  • giving hugs
  • pointing! (at everything!)
  • escaping from her table chair (Alan put her in her chair the other morning and didn't buckle her in, which up until recently wasn't a problem, only to look over and find her crawling ON the table)

She has also perfected the "limp baby" if she wants to get down. You. Other moms. You know what I'm talking about. Arms in the air, knees to chest, body like jello. Yes. So hard to hold on to, yet so cute you don't want to let go.

And she only gets cuter! And next month she turns one! I look forward to what I am sure is exponential cuteness in my future.


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