Tibault & Toad

living room updates

Before. . .

After. . .

Little by little we're slowly making the house our own. The previous owners really did a wonderful job of laying a beautiful foundation for us to build upon. All we have really had to do is small tweaks - some fresh paint here, a new mirror or light fixture there, and things are beginning to become what we had imagined. The livingroom has already gone through several iterations; during the summer we swapped out the two couches for a sectional (craiglist find - the Ikea Karlstad, but with a new white cover which we dyed cream by submerging in a giant vat of coffee in our bathtub, and with new hardware store furniture legs which we stained), and then the most recent change was painting it a cream color (Cottage White by Behr), moving things around to make room for the wooding burning stove that we're planning on having installed (also a craigslist find), and swapping out the rug for this beautiful wool braided rug (also, you guessed it, a craigslist find!) We were on the hunt specifically for a braided rug, and we were fortunate enough to find this Capel rug on craigslist, almost like new, and which retails for over a 1,000 dollars for. . . drumroll. . . 80 bucks! We have really great luck on craigslist!

Things we still have planned for this room: changing the cream couch cover to something a little darker (the cream has proved way too hard to keep clean), hanging pictures so that the walls aren't so bare, and installing a 2.5 foot tall reclaimed barnwood wall along the bottom of the wall (the wood  is already purchased and is also in the garage, with the wood stove). We're excited! 

P.s. Indy is hanging out under the couch because there's a giant heating vent under there. Daddy taught her that trick!

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