Tibault & Toad

Maggie's Laurelhurst Mittens

It's been so long since I've joined Ginny for a yarn along! Honestly, I've been avoiding knitting because I've been sort of dreading that colorwork sweater that I've been working on for Indy, and I have a really hard time working on more than one project at a time. Fortunately I've made some good progress on that and it's really coming along (I know I'll be so glad I did it when it's finally done), and I've given myself permission to cast on with some other things that are quicker and more enjoyable. The cold weather helps with the knitting spirit too, of course. 

These mittens were for my dear friend Maggie, in return for the beautiful letter-work she did for the Tibault and Toad logo several months ago. I was able to get them done just in time to give them to her while she was visiting home around Thanksgiving. It's the Laurelhurst pattern, knit with Fishermen's Wool as the main color and Stonehedge Shepherd's Wool as the contrast, lined with some thrifted pink cashmere because who likes the wind biting through their mittens? Raveled here

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