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mini apartment tour

On Indy's party day Kate snapped some pictures of our apartment in its unusually uber-clean state. It was slightly rearranged (as in, kitchen chairs in the livingroom) for party purposes, and not entirely comprehensive (some walls and rooms - like the sun porch and bathroom - are missing), but it at least gives you a peak into most of the rooms. The rundown on our apartment: we live in our city's little downtown, above the shops. Our building was built in 1918, and our apartment was such a find and a blessing. It's sunny and classic, has crown modling, radiator heaters, and hardwood in most of the rooms. Our style is ecclectic, and we've furnished and decorated it mostly with thrift/antique store, curbside, and Craigslist finds, and some handmade. It's how we find peices we like, and what our budget allows. Without further ado:

The kitchen is above, seen from the hallway, with the sun porch and the rear apartment entrance through that door, and our bedroom off to the right in the kitchen. Excuse the party guest coats on the bed. . .

Bedspread: Anthropologie. Crib: Ikea. Crib quilt: heirloom.

The pictures are all family members of mine. Clockwise from the top left: my dad and aunt in a flashy convertible, my mother's late brother Gene, my mother's late father Harold, my father's late brother John, cows from the old Schellpfeffer dairy on my dad's side (not really family members, I guess, haha), and my mother Melanie.

Mirror: family heirloom. Dresser: vintage. Mobile: handmade by me with birds from Pottery Barn.

P.s. ignore the socks sticking out of the drawer above, how embarassing!

View back into the kitchen. . .

Next we turn left down that short hallway, bathroom is on the right, and the door into the guest bedroom/ craft room is in the left. . .

Vintage doily bunting: made by me. Lampshade: Ikea. Quilt: who knows, haha. Bedframe: inherited from my parents, and we spray-painted it blue.

I originally made these tissue paper shadow boxes to sell on etsy, but then I fell in love with them and had to keep them. . .

Also, meet Roy. . . Cage: vintage.

Read about my desk here.

Next we continue into the diningroom (hallway is to the left, livingroom to the right). Table: Viva Terra via Craigslist (it's made from recycled railroad ties, and it was the steal of the century!). Chairs are vintage and were all around $10 bucks or less. . .

Botanical prints and birdcage: vintage.

Indy's table chair: Inglesina.

And right behind us. . . Rug: Craigslist (you can read more about it here). Wicker coffee table, couches and chairs: all vintage.

Lamp: Target.


Monarch pillow: World Market.

Lamp: Tuesday Morning. Painting: Goodwill (Alan hated this when he saw it, but I insisted and its become one of our favorite finds.)

Record player: Crosley. Beverage cart: vintage.

Hope you enjoyed it!


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