Tibault & Toad

paint and ink

I am an ever-changing person. I got an itch for a little change in this space the other day, and pulled out the art supplies to make it happen. It's already snowed here a couple of times, Thanksgiving is in two days and Christmas is four weeks from tomorrow! I'm in a great holiday mood, okay? Yes we have already started listening to Christmas music (only because Christmas and Thanksgiving are so close together this year). I hope to update the art here seasonally (or however frequently suits my fancy.) Not only is it a great motivator for me to stay creative and work on my artistic skills, but it just feels right to me to try and make this space match the season we're in both figuratively and literally. As I said last time when T&T got its major makeover: I am not an artist. I enjoy it and I want to get better at it, and putting it up there in that corner is another way that this space is an outpouring of me. 

Indy's contribution during painting time consisted of shaking the table while I was working on the lettering, and sticking things in the eraser. Thanks Indy. 

Anyways, I hope you like it!

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