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review and giveaway: boingo

In the cloth diapering world, pins are pretty much obsolete. Though some people still use them (and love them, I might add), pins have been replaced by velcro, snaps, or a handy little device called a Snappi. Snappis are t-shaped and made out of a stretchy material and have small plastic "teeth" on each end which grip the fabric and hold it in place. . .

We have used a Snappi since day one and love them. Once you get the hang of them they are super fast and easy to use and way less scary than pins. They only have two drawbacks for me: 1) They tend to create a crease down the middle of the diaper which is noticeable through the cover and some pants, and which my sisters have taken to calling "baby cameltoe." Nice. 2) Because they only grip the back and middle of the diaper, the diaper tends to get a little loose around the legs over time which can result in going through more diaper covers since the prefold doesn't catch solids as well. This has become less of a concern for us as she has upped her intake of solid food, but for a while I was pretty annoyed at going through so many covers in a day. 

When I stumbled across the new boingo diaper fastener a few months ago, the two piece design looked like it might solve those two drawbacks, so I preordered one in "wicked white" and was stoked when it finally came in the mail the other day. 

It is made out of the same/a similar material as a Snappi, and also has plastic teeth, but at a more inward angle than a Snappi. Boingo claims that the slight difference in angle is supposed to mean a better grip and less likelihood of poked fingers. I'll let you know my take on that below. Boingos from the back. . .

Look at our little unknowing victim here, unaware that not only is she about to endure a diaper change (which she hates) but will also then be coerced to stay still for pictures. . .

Just like with a Snappi, the first step is to gently stretch them out and then they're ready to go. . .

My assessment:


  • I think the claims about the teeth angle being so much better are a little steep. As far as poked fingers go, I don't think Snappi teeth are very sharp or dangerous. I have never poked or scratched myself, and Indy, who regularly gets ahold of the Snappi has never hurt herself nor been poked or scratched while wearing one. And, in fact, Snappi's have a fold over tab to block the teeth while not in use, and the boingo does not. As far as the grip goes, I noticed no difference, but I use prefolds almost exclusively, which are an easy to grip material. People who use diapers made of harder to grip materials might notice a difference, I'm not sure.
  • They don't really have a "tab" to hold on to, and the tip of the star just doesn't cut it, so I found them a little difficult to use, but I think over time I would develop a technique.
  • They are thicker and bigger than I expected, and I think unnecessarily so. They seem a little bulky while on, and seem like, depending on how they are positioned, they might rub on her thighs a little.


  • It's hard for me to remember my Snappi learning days, but I do vaguely remember having trouble wielding the one piece design. I think for someone who is learning prefolds, the freedom to do one side at a time might be easier.
  • And the stars are pretty darn cute, I gotta say that.
  • But the main pro of the boingo is versatility. You can position them as far to the sides as you want, which could extend the use of prefold sizes; angle them down towards the middle, or more straight across; grip right around the legs for a good fit; or even use only one to fasten the overlapping wings of a fitted diaper. 

Overall, I feel sort of neutral about them. They sort of helped with my Snappi complaints, but I could use my Snappi blindfolded and so I'm not sure I was impressed enough to switch. With future babies, if we come to that time again where I'm going through so many covers a day, I would probably pull these out to see if they make a difference. Really, I think they're just different, so it depends what your preferences are. If you're on the fence, for about the same price as a Snappi at under $4, its probably worth the investment.

Indy doesn't care either way though. Look at that face. She probably just peed. . .

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