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easy ginger soda

I used to hate fresh ginger - I didn't like the spice. But over the years, it's slowly grown on me until its become an outright addiction. The other day I was really hankering for some ginger soda, so I rummaged around in the kitchen and experimented with making a quick cheaters version made with fresh ginger, simple syrup, sparkling mineral water (like San Pellegrino) and a splash of fresh lemon juice. This is so refreshing and good for everybody all the time (unless, I guess, they hate ginger or something), but would also be useful for settling an upset stomach.

For the ginger juice, I peeled and sliced a 3-4 inch piece and blended with just enough water to cover, then poured into a jar through a fine strainer (you could also use a juicer - if juicing, use half as much ginger juice while mixing your sodas.)

I made a classic simple syrup (a 1:1 ratio of cane sugar to water, bring to boil, let cool), but honey or maple syrup would probably work as substitutions.

I like to mix up a glass at a time so that it doesn't go flat, but you can certainly extrapolate and make a pitcher for a group. I like to start with about 2 tablespoons each of ginger juice and sweetener in 8 oz. of sparkling water, adjusting my ratios until it tastes good, then add a splash of fresh lemon juice and serve over ice.

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