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summer swells

Despite the heat we're enjoying summer immensely over here. I sort of enjoy the heat, actually. The other day Alan and I borrowed my parents AC-less van to pick up some craigslist dressers that were an hour away, and we just drove the whole way in the crazy heat with the windows down and it reminded me of so many good summer memories, and it felt good to actually feel the heat, to accept it and experience it and exist in it for while. It made me realize that I had been missing a little bit of the goodness that is summer by sequestering myself inside in the AC every time the thermometer pushes 80. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for air-conditioning and I doubt I'd ever give it up, but there is still something good to be experienced in that sort of buzzing, humid heat.

Anyways, Indy certainly doesn't mind the heat, but while she's outside getting her vitamin D a good hat to shield that cherub face isn't a bad idea. We picked it up at a local antique shop. Ain't she cute?

The heralders of July and the harbingers of August, the Tiger Lilies on the side of our garage are in full bloom now. We had them around the corner of our house growing up.

When I took these pictures we were getting 1 or 2 raspberries a day from our bushes, but just today I went out and got a handful so big I had to go back inside to get something to hold more. I've been researching all about caring for raspberry bushes: it's fascinating and makes me excited. Like peach trees, proper pruning ensures a good yield. Raspberry roots are perennial, but the canes only live two years. First year canes (primocanes) don't produce any fruit, only second year "floricanes" do, and then they die. These can be pruned after fruiting to open up the plant to good sunlight and airflow, and then the first year canes can be tied to a horizontal line "trellis" for easy access next year when they produce fruit. That pruning and trellising cycle repeats every year.

Indy's been playing with dry pasta and muffin tins ala Montessori-style fine motor skill practice. Apparently toddlers love playing with dry pasta, but make no mistake that they also love throwing said pasta on the floor.

I'm feeling very blessed by the season, and all the good things it brings. I hope midsummer is finding you swimming in good things as well.

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