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The little red cape







I had the inkling to make a cape for Indy probably two years ago, and despite having no real pattern in mind, had picked up these fabrics and quickly stored them away around that time. Some time between then and now I also picked up a copy of Meg McElwee's Growing Up Sew Liberated, and of course I shelved that and quickly forgot about it too. Then, somehow, both the fabric and the book were pulled back out and met their final destiny in the reversible hooded play cape. That's how things so often seem to go, isn't it? I honestly can't remember the fabric content of the red, though it is wool-ish (perhaps a wool and polyester blend?), and the inside (or other side, since it is in fact fully reversible) is a wonderful cotton calico of petite blue flowers. It was a very easy sew, not taking me too much longer than nap time, and Indy loves to wear it everywhere we go, and of course inside the house while she plays. It's a perfect cool-weather weight. The closure is just an elastic and a large button, but I have a feeling that the elastic will wear out and need to be replaced eventually, perhaps with something like this?

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applique baby quilt

(Sorry ahead of time for some of the slightly blurry pictures! I took them quickly before packing this gift up and should have checked them, but, alas. . .)

It's really not like I need another hobby to become obsessed with and to litter my house with scraps of some fiber-based material while I totally neglect to unload the dishwasher, but it may be too late. Why are baby quilts the best thing ever?! This was a gift for my husband's sister-in-law, Kate, who is due with her first baby in December. The gender is a surprise, so I tried to lean more gender-neutral (I think it turned out a little more on the "boy" side, but look! there's some flowers in there!) The pattern is the mod circle applique baby quilt, but instead of a charm pack I picked 6 different quilting fabrics I liked. Unlike my last quilt, this one was applique instead of patchwork, which I found to be a slightly quicker process but still with a very rewarding result. I also made my own bias tape this time (I'll never go back to pre-made again!) and I used a single layer of plain flannel instead of cotton batting in the middle, to make the blanket softer and more flexible. Can't wait to meet another little niece/nephew!

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