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Door County 2014

My family alternates vacation spots every other year, and this year we spent our week long vacation in Door County (remember two years ago?) This year we did lots of new things while still doing our favorite traditions. I like that: the best of the old and the chance to make some new traditions as well. Tenny spent pretty much the whole week crawling around on the ground and absolutely covered with dirt while Indy and the cousins played in the woods near our campsite and caught tree frogs to put in Indy's new bug catcher. We picked cherries and went to a fish boil for the first time this year (both things Door County is known for - don't know how we got away with not doing either thing before) and ate plenty of good food, went to the beach, and went hiking. I was relieved to be back to our own bed and routine after it was over (a week sleeping in a tent with two littles, one of which still wakes up during the night as it is, is not for the faint of heart!) but of course I already miss the fires and fresh air and time spent as a family.

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the lodge

(The view from the dock)

We spent a week of late July/ early August at Lodge Conway, a lake house near Petoskey, MI that belongs to some dear friends of ours. My family has been going there since I was 5 years old, and now we're coming full circle by bringing our own kids there. I love northern Michigan: the pine trees and ferny landscapes, sandy soil and smattering of small lakes. The lake house is over 100 years old, with pine paneling and claw foot tubs, and sits on Crooked Lake. Waking up in the morning with those crisp lake breezes blowing in the windows is something spectacular.

Evening kayaking with Papa.

It was a little unseasonably cool while we were up there, but I'm not going to argue with fires every morning and evening.

Wild daisies and forget-me-nots and beach peas. When I was young, I loved to wander down the narrow road to collect wildflowers to adorn the dining room table.

Cousins - wearing life vests constantly.


Hunting for Petoskey stones along the shore of lake Michigan at sunset - a tradition. . .

Visiting "Indian Springs," a nature conservation site with hiking trails and freezing, crystal clear underground springs bubbling up down in a mossy valley. . .

Not pictured:

  • Eating loads of delicious food at places like Julienne Tomatoes and American Spoon Cafe
  • Puzzling
  • Shopping at the adorable downtown
  • Knitting
  • Splashing in the water
  • Canoeing
  • Looking at giant boats at the harbor
  • Launching a chinese lantern off the dock into the starry night sky
  • Driving around to look at Victorian houses in the Bay View Association community

Already can't wait to go back!

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