Tibault & Toad

applique baby quilt

(Sorry ahead of time for some of the slightly blurry pictures! I took them quickly before packing this gift up and should have checked them, but, alas. . .)

It's really not like I need another hobby to become obsessed with and to litter my house with scraps of some fiber-based material while I totally neglect to unload the dishwasher, but it may be too late. Why are baby quilts the best thing ever?! This was a gift for my husband's sister-in-law, Kate, who is due with her first baby in December. The gender is a surprise, so I tried to lean more gender-neutral (I think it turned out a little more on the "boy" side, but look! there's some flowers in there!) The pattern is the mod circle applique baby quilt, but instead of a charm pack I picked 6 different quilting fabrics I liked. Unlike my last quilt, this one was applique instead of patchwork, which I found to be a slightly quicker process but still with a very rewarding result. I also made my own bias tape this time (I'll never go back to pre-made again!) and I used a single layer of plain flannel instead of cotton batting in the middle, to make the blanket softer and more flexible. Can't wait to meet another little niece/nephew!

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