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belated valentine's

This year was our fourth Valentine's together, and we continued with the delicious Ethiopian tradition that we started our first year of marriage. Our favorite place, Ras Dashen, is downtown, and while we ventured there on Valentine's night the first two years, we have since learned to celebrate a few days later to avoid the crowds.

Indy comes with us because she likes Ethiopian, and because we like her!

We drank delicious Ethiopian coffee, which is brewed in a traditional clay pot called a Jebena. It's dark and smooth, and reminds me a little of Turkish coffee.

There are no food pictures because I forgot to snap some before we started digging in (note to self - half eaten food makes for less than appetizing pictures)! Ethiopian food is served in little piles on a flat, sour bread with a sort of crepe-like texture, called injera. Everyone at the table shares, and you break off little pieces of bread to scoop up food. We notoriously stuff ourselves at this meal, especially since this is usually the only time we have Ethiopian (someone please open a restaurant in the 'burbs!)

What about you? Have you tried Ethiopian?

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